the urban zoo series try to combine the human, artificial and urban influences with nature. they try to show how far humans are divided from their own roots. the humanimal-paintings show that we're all one. you cannot find a living being without carrying all the universe in itself.

looking at a picture of the visitors series, you might ask yourself whether you see a friend or a foe coming up at the horizon. you have your own fears and prejudements which control your thoughts. this is why the figures of this series are kept more or less abstract.

the babylon series is a group of faces, portraits, which are constructed with graffiti tags. but, in comparison to classic tags, the letters are not readable at all. the words don't exist. it wants to show the phenomenon of a babylon 2.0,  growing faster and faster in our society. everybody has something (more or less important) to say, everybody is loud and wants to be heard, but nobody listens or understands it anymore. babylon 2.0 is the most colorful group of works until now.