Sebastian Unterrainer was born 1983 in Trier, Germany. He grew up in a family of artists, his father, a great artist, drawer and caricaturist, taught him all the art techniques. His mother, who studied graphic design and worked as a private music teacher, gave him an education in music. 

Thats how he came in contact with different ways of expression and learned how to draw and paint as soon as he could hold a pencil. He plays guitar, sings and also writes his own songs. As a result, music  often has a place in his paintings and drawings as well. He is an absolute multi-talent ready to fill the walls of this world with his artworks. 


Sebastian graduated in fine arts and biology and has been teaching fine arts in a social hotspot for 13 years now. The experience he’s had in his job, where he gets in touch with violence, poverty and social injustice on a daily basis, inspires most of his works directly or indirectly. He is a convinced anticapitalist, minimalist with a less-is-more-philosophy.

In addition to his teaching job, he’s been working on a high-professional level on his artworks. He took part in many solo- and group shows in Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Australia.


This portfolio shows a summary of his work. The shown drawings and paintings are examples for different series he’s created such as „neverlandscapes“, „URBAN ZOO“, „Humanimals“, „Visitors“, „voyage en vinyl“ and „Babylon 2.0“