Work. For some people it can be the self-realization, fulfilling and meaningful. At the same time, and for most of the people, work is just a way to make a living. To pay the rent. It has nothing to do with wishes or dreams. It's just an obligation to go there, to do it and not to complain. Cos if u don't go, you lose the few you have. Why is this possible?
The poor people in this painting leave their daily working place in a big factory. Most of them walk alone, tired and isolated, not able to have any social life anymore.
Big fat factory bosses become bigger and fatter and the workers struggle.
Final round of monopoly. Few win and 99 percent suffer. Nobody but the few want to play anymore.

"Warum heißt der Arbeitgeber" Arbeitgeber ", wenn er die Arbeit doch nimmt und der Arbeitnehmer die Arbeit gibt, das ergibt gar keinen Sinn" @fatoniyo