pariah inter pares

“They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same.” This quote of Kurt Cobain describes it very good. In a "brave new world - dystopia", where everybody lives synchronized and unobtrusive, it is very very brave to be different. It is brave to be loud and to stand up for justice! This world has become an anthill, no thinking, no new thoughts, no doubts, we' re all just gears in the big machine. Tired and dazed we' re running circles and stopped asking for a sense. We're talking redundant nonsense all day long.
The title "pariah inter pares" is a wordplay: The pariah are a low indian "caste", they are still very discriminated in India. "Inter pares" means "among equals". So, one meaning of my wordplay is, we're all equal, but some of us feel obviously more equal than others, as I remember the book animal farm.
The painting is different, the style is new and the face looks very brave and fearless. The painting is going to be  in some weeks and I am very happy about it. I like the strength and the power it shows. We all have this power inside of us. We should try to use it. All together. Against a sickening system. Against a
misanthropic future. Against a sellout of the last human resources we have. Against digitalization, artificial intelligence and capitalism.
For love.